Find lawyers near you in Georgia using LegalPeak. LegalPeak is an online lawyer directory dedicated to helping people searching for lawyers in Georgia. While you are here you may search by lawyer name, firm name or practice area, and city. We also have legal resources to help you find information about lawyers that have been disciplined by the State Bar of Georgia. We also allow current and past clients to leave a review.

On the lawyers profile it will contain information such as office location, phone number, practice areas, website and social media links and the date that they were admitted into the State Bar of Georgia so you will know how long they have been practicing law.

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If you would like to claim a lawyer listing first register an account. Once your account is verified by email, you may click on get listed and fill out the required information for submission. After you submit your listing we will verify the information and list your profile on our website.

How to Get Featured on LegalPeak

If you would like to be featured on the front page and a web page dedicated to you please submit a unique professional description on our contact page that is at minimum 200 words long.

How to Choose a Lawyer

We recommend taking a look into a couple factors in considering how you choose a lawyer. First, find out if the lawyer truly seems interested in resolving your legal matter by speaking to them directly. Find out how long they have been practicing law and find how many cases like yours they’ve handled. Ask them questions about the cost and if it’s billed hourly or a flat fee. Look deeper into their reviews to find out the experience other clients have had.